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About Us

The UAB Neurotechnologijos was founded in 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Direction of activity – development of electronic devices for industrial applications based on NeuroMem technology from General Vision Inc.., California, USA.

2016 – Development of the Adaptive Controller.

2017 – Implementation of the project «Diagnostics of burnout of blast furnace tuyeres». See info.

2018 – Implementation of one more project «Diagnostics of burnout of blast furnace tuyeres». See info.

2019 – Joining the SIG-PСI Association. Development of PСIe board with HM500 neurochips.

Joining the OPC UA Association.

2020 – development of an intelligent vibration-acoustic control sensor. Implementation of the third project “Diagnostics of burnout of blast furnace tuyeres”. See info.

Participation in the project «System of diagnostics of the state and predictive analysis of rotation mechanisms, threshing-crushing and electrical equipment using neural network technologies».

The company employs mathematicians, software engineers, electronics engineers, administrative staff. Specialists in the field of natural language linguistics, embedded systems and mechanical designers are involved in the work.

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